What takes more effort…to be hidden or being unseen?

What is easy to find..the one hidden or the unseen?

or is it same?

& what if I ask about hidden unseen’s?

Love,trust,belief,honesty are all unseen

Hiding is for a purpose & unseen’s have a purpose

Value that is unseen & you will have no reason to hide anymore!!


In response to the Daily Prompt: Unseen

Melted Ice cream

When I was a ice cream chilled & sweet

I used to be a part of every treat

I was enjoyed in parties & meetings

Like I was the one to offer greetings

For when I am really needed

I am cared,frozen & stored indeed

Smooth & flavourful depending on preferences

I also get chosen by some references

Once I am melted I am thrown in trash

Like the trees are burned to ash

For same as I am thrown away

You can be pushed to return midway

Like melted ice cream is thrown to trash

You can be ignored,rejected or lashed

Melted ice cream is not your concern

Here you have a lesson to learn

Be grateful to the blessings you have today

Life will not be the same everyday!!


Someday you will stop cursing your fate

Someday you will start working on your mistakes

Someday you will look forward with hope

Someday you will balance on every slope

Someday you will fly with your own wings

Someday you wont cry over little things

Someday you will start trusting people again

Someday you will forget all your pain

Someday the clouds will be clear

Someday the sun will shine even brighter

Someday everything will make perfect sense

Someday everything will fall right in place

Someday happiness will embrace you

Someday life will smile back at you

Someday you will enjoy every rain

Someday you will be happy again!!

In response to The Daily Prompt: Someday

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To all of you!!

I missed the love I missed the fun

I missed your posts & my lessons

I was away but not too far

Struggling between time & emotional scars

I missed the hellos I missed the smiles

I missed every interaction & your likes

Now I am back hoping you all are fine

All my dear friends its the time to shine!


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!:):):)











He was a like a tart with shell like a crust

his appearance was hard

as if he was trying to guard

he was like the custard sweet & creamy

his heart was noble & quite dreamy

he was like the jelly soft & squishy

his personality was persistent yet he could melt in a jiffy

He was the best tart one could ever have

for his hard & soft nature they all crave


In response to the Daily Prompt:Tart

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Her lashes were long

nails looked strong

her skin glowed bright

teeth sparkling white

her lips had tint of pink

blonde hair with perfect fringe

her eyes were sparkling green

legs sleek & satin

she looked like a teen

with body so lean

awestruck with the primp & polish

I suddenly noticed my face with blemish

Then came he spreading his arms

I felt so glad he accepted me as I am.!!


via Daily Prompt: Primp

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I wish to write,but somehow can’t get it right

Feelings are at peak but expressions are too weak

I wish to rearrange my thoughts but they are stuck between the knots

Words don’t match,I erase everything and start from scratch

I wish it was easy to put into words,but I am finding it more difficult than crossword..


via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

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Is Banning a solution?

Banning is the best way we feel to get rid of certain things. “There should be a law against it”or “it shouldn’t be allowed” are the common solutions to many problems.But does banning really work?If something is banned,is it completely eliminated?

There are too many controversial food products,baby products available in market.The products acquire market and become hit.They are been sold for long period and are later banned stating that they are unfit for use or consumption.Such bans effect everyone.Also the society may or may not accept such bans.Banning is not the solution always instead strict laws should be formed for quality check & approval which will benefit both manufacturers & society.Better plan than ban.

Some products get banned and are still available may be at higher prices.Is this the reason for which ban was made?Absolutely no!!But whatever reason it be,ban surely has its effects.Banning sometimes make situations more complicated and often create new problems.Something that is banned is not completely stopped but attempted in some different way.

A kid is a simple example.The things you prohibit them to do are the ones they surely try.I feel the word “NO” has its own power.

Well its a never ending debate topic..Ban to Ban!!

via Daily Prompt: Banned