He was a like a tart with shell like a crust

his appearance was hard

as if he was trying to guard

he was like the custard sweet & creamy

his heart was noble & quite dreamy

he was like the jelly soft & squishy

his personality was persistent yet he could melt in a jiffy

He was the best tart one could ever have

for his hard & soft nature they all crave


In response to the Daily Prompt:Tart

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Vegetal is the word for today

I somehow don’t feel that okay

I’ll try to make the best salad

hope it satisfies my taste buds

No sausages no meat

it will be a healthy eat

Baby carrots & corn will pop some colour

beans & avocados will make me feel fuller

Ranch dressing is all I want

to gulp down veggies without any frown


In response to  The Daily Prompt: Vegetal

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Her lashes were long

nails looked strong

her skin glowed bright

teeth sparkling white

her lips had tint of pink

blonde hair with perfect fringe

her eyes were sparkling green

legs sleek & satin

she looked like a teen

with body so lean

awestruck with the primp & polish

I suddenly noticed my face with blemish

Then came he spreading his arms

I felt so glad he accepted me as I am.!!


via Daily Prompt: Primp

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