What’s On Your Mind??

They ask what’s on your mind??

The answer we always try to find.

Thousand words striving to fit in a sentence

Million sentences grabbing between moods & sequence…

Dreams that lost their destination; wings that forgot to fly

they capture your mind even if you smile or cry…

Things you gained or from which you were deprived

exist in your mind no matter how you survived….

Mind sometimes is too complex & at times its like an empty desk.

Some thoughts reside here even if we try to let go

while some are here without letting us know…

Restrictions lies on our acts but the mind never resists to react

Its your mind that drives you crazy; its the one which makes you lazy

It complicates you between comfort & pain.

It dances,it sings without music or rain

Yet whatever or whoever visits your mind leaves a permanent stain..

All that has gone & all that has to come..visits your mind

What exactly is on your mind is hard to find!!


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