Ritvik & Poorvi,the most adorable couple i have known.We have been friends since college days & have seen their friendship budding into love.They both were understanding,cute & perfect lovebirds. They stood together in all the problems & were happily married.They were favourite couple of all my friends.They were the ones whom we all looked up to.

Poorvi was a fashion designer & owned a personal boutique.She was excellent at her work & Ritvik worked in government hospital.He was also very dedicated & hard working. Ritvik had long working hours while Poorvi would close early & manage her other work at home.

It was a normal working day when Ritvik being emergency worker was been called to the scene of accident.When he arrived he was shocked to see that the car belonged to his wife.Haunted with fear he rushed to see his wife.He saw that she was trapped in the car with another man.

Poorvi was badly wounded & barely conscious.She saw Ritvik & somehow managed to say,”I am Sorry”…

He was unable to understand what was happening.But her face showed the guilt,she was unable to have eye contact.The man next to her was her lover with whom she’s been having an affair.

Ritvik was in complete shock,stunned by what her eyes just told him.He could not believe he was being cheated by Poorvi.Holding himself he tried to focus on the accident.His wife was seriously injured fighting her breath & needed help to earliest.She was bleeding from her head,there was a high chance she would die.He looked at the seat next to her were the man was screaming in pain,he also needed to be treated urgently.

Ritvik was in complete dilemma whom to attend first-his wife who was almost dead or the man who was pleading for help!!


via Daily Prompt: Dilemma

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10 thoughts on “Dilemma!!

  1. Your thoughts are nice. But you got to improve punctuations and other stuff. You see, as writers it’s our duty. YOUR duty to inspire beginners who read your blog to write properly. Sorry but I can’t stand writing mistakes. Please don’t mind.

    You write beautifully. Keep going.

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