When in Love!!

Many ways I’ve tried,but its really difficult to get aside..
Crossing all boundaries I am falling for someone..one in the million are you ready to listen…

Finding my dream coming true,I pleaded my shivering lips to bring out the words I had kept for you..

I wonder how it begin…but its magical whatever I am experiencing…
Looking at you for real,I noticed your eyes..that’s exactly were your entire beauty lies…

Whenever we say good bye,whenever we are apart..know I hold you deep inside my heart….

Fake may be the stories that make you cry.,fake would be the compliments & the cheer..
But its pure & immortal what you going to hear…

Person like you is hard to find,you are the perfect one to combine..
Gazing at you,I find myself falling from rising heights..I adore your simplicity & the cute fights…

With all the guts I bow down to you..just to say “I love you”…:))


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